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Tableau ferraille

Senegal 1997, 92 min
Winner of award for best photography at FESPACO 1997


Director and writer: Moussa Sene Absa
Cast: Ismaël Lô, Ndèye Fatou Ndaw, Thierno Ndiaye Doss



Tableau ferraille

Suburb outside Senegal is plagued by social problems, but the film is sunny and optimistic.


Tableau Ferraille is a working-class area about ten kilometres outside the Senegalese capital Dakar. It is on the coast and is populated by fishermen, but despite the coconut trees and colourful boats, it is no paradise. Proof of this is provided every day as the men and women set out to scrape together the bare necessities of life, an increasingly difficult task. Not least because of the large families. Living in sheds of corrugated iron and wood scraps, the quest for money is a real obsession. For some it is pure need, others strive for an increasingly luxurious existence. In this way the various characters slowly reveal their personalities: material interests sometimes count more than love, friendship, faith, honesty... The film concentrates on the impossible love between Daam and Gagnesiri in an Africa that is plagued by social problems.


IMDb comment:

Tells the story of an idealistic young politician's rise and fall. Daam, a well-intentioned but vacillating European-trained politician must choose between two social paradigms exemplified by his two wives. The first, Gagnesiri, is the village beauty, who waits patiently for Daam. Unfortunately, they are unable to conceive a child, so Daam takes European-educated Kiné, who is eager to get ahead by marrying a politician. Daam becomes involved in a shady business deal with Président, a local businessman; when the details are made public, he is forced out in disgrace. Written by Geoffrey Skinner


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