Workshop at Popenguine

January / February 2014 with Ulrike Arnold and Zulu Mbaye

Moussa, Ulrike uand ZUlu at Sangomaar, 2014


Moussa Sene Absa, Zulu Mbaye and Ulrike Arnold, german earthartist worked at Popenguine in a workshop supported by the German Goethe Institut of Dakar in January / February 2014. Lots of work everybody created, but several artpieces were created in coproduction on site like at the fallaise in Popenguine and at Sangomaar. The works will be presented in a show at the gallery at Popenguine in may (as part of the Biennale OFF-programm).


untitled 2014 untitled 2014 untitled 2014 untitled 2014 untitled 2014


Absa Studio in Popenguine, Senegal 2014

Zulu and Moussa discussing, Absa Studio Popenguine rocks Fallese Rocks at Popenguine collected earth from Popenguine

Zulu and Moussa, Absa Studio Zulu and Moussa at Popenguine Moussa and Zulu at Absa Studio Moussa and Zulu

Moussa at Absa Studio Coproduction at Popenguine Zulu Mbaye Moussa Sene Absa


Sangomaar, Senegal 2014

Baobabs near Sangomaar Coproduction at Sangomaar Coproduction at Sangomaar Filmmaker Moussa Sene Absa at Sangomaar

near Sangomaar painting of Ulrike, Moussa and Zulu at Sangomaar


For Further pictures of Ulrike Arnold see
>> Ulrike Arnold at Popenguine, Senegal 2014

Absa Studio Ulrikes workplace Coproduction at Sangomaar Beach at Popenguine Ulrikes work and earthsamples



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