untitled, 2013 untitled, 2013


Known for his films, music and documentaries, Moussa Sene Absa is also a prominent artist whose works are exhibited in Senegal, Europe and North America.


His art works are vivid and colourful and have been exhibited since 1976. The style is inspired by the works of Rufino Tamayo and Joan Miró, with elements of the older African technique. Some of his art have been exhibited at the Frieda and the Roy Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center, New York City.


In 2013 Moussa Sene Absa was working and exhibiting in Düsseldorf at the Studio/Atelier of Ulrike Arnold, where some art works were generated in cooperation.


>> Works on Canvas



>> Works on Paper



>> Works on Glas

Portrait of a woman on Glass


>> Works in Cooperation with Ulrike Arnold



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